Cybersecurity Handout
This is a two-sided handout I designed for our cybersecurity team at McGuireWoods. It's one of my favorite pieces I've done because it's both visually compelling and organizes a lot of information well. I worked directly with the attorney, and together, we were able to really fine-tune the content and the design to suit his audience. The team loved the design so much, we have since carried out this visual theme throughout their collateral.
Firm Overview
This is the firm's overview brochure that is given to our lateral attorney candidates. It gives them a glimpse of what McGuireWoods is about and how the firm operates. I worked directly with the firm's chief marketing officer to create this piece. We wanted a bolder take on the firm’s brand, as can be seen in the vertical McGuireWoods logo on the cover. At the time, this approach had never been done, but this has since become a key branding element across our collateral.
Industry Team Overview
This is an example of one of our industry team overviews that I redesigned in 2016 when I first started at McGuireWoods. The idea was to standardize our attorney team handouts so they were consistent and streamlined.
Matters Newsletter
This was a cover for our internal magazine, Matters, at McGuireWoods. The original idea for a team photo fell through and I had mere hours to devise a back-up plan. The feature was a story on our partners and what they thought made them successful as partners, so I went big and bold with the word “Partnership.” Notice how the “T” and “I” connect - almost as if they are partnering or helping each other.
This is an example of a recent pitch I designed for McGuireWoods. As always, we were working on an extremely tight deadline with many cooks in the kitchen. Usually this ends up being a lengthy and plain Word document, but after talking with the business development manager, the team was able to simplify the content allowing a bit more opportunity for a punchy design.
North Carolina Map
A simple map I designed for a pitch. The information had originally been contained in three paragraphs of the pitch, so I convinced the team to let me build this graphic for maximum impact. They liked this approach so much, that we continue to update and use in new pitches.
PowerPoint Pitch
My team designs many PowerPoint pitches for our attorneys. This is just a few slides from a recent pitch - shortened and blurred due to confidentiality.
Industry Team Overview PowerPoint
My team also creates PowerPoint presentations for internal industry team meetings. Internally, we get many requests for custom designs that deviate from our usual templates. 
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